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    Why buy from Beats24-7?

    We have worked in the Music Industry for several years and our clients have been major record & music companies such as Universal Music, Sony BMG, MTV and VIVA. Furthermore, we have worked with successful major artists like The Game, T-Pain, Gorilla Zoe, Young Buck, E40, Wiz Khalifa, DJ Drama, Slick Pulla and many more. The Beats and songs we produced have gained millions of song plays on YouTube. However, we also love working with independent underground artists and hot newcomers - So get your beat from now and make your Hit today!

    We are a multinational music licensing company, focused to provide you with professional and high quality instrumentals. Therefore, our team consists of producers who have made a name for themselves in different genres to match all your needs. We have experience in working with newcomers and also with successful major artists, so when licensing at Beats24-7, you receive top of the line support and quality!