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We are cooperating with EXMGE and are certified to offer you the best conditions and support for your channel(s)as well as the exclusive Music Distribution Service!


Why should you become a partner?

EXMGE works with Gamers, Labels, Musicians & Companies. We have 524 network members, +6.7 million subscribers and +110 million monthly upload views! 94 % of our partners renew their agreements with us. Join the EXMGE family today, earn more money with your channel and get paid monthly.

  • Reach a bigger audience
  • We help you reaching the next level with your channel. We optimize your content (metadata optimization, audience developement), coordinate cross-promotion activities and train you to permanently increase your business success. You profit from our experience and our know-how.

  • Earn more money on Youtube
  • Earn more money with additional advertising programs and your ads on YouTube. We take care of marketing your videos on YouTube and negotiate exclusive deals with advertising partners.

  • Get individual help and support
  • We are trying to help our partners in any field with our comprehensive and fast support.

  • AudioID / ContentID
  • We are one of the few networks that offer the AudioID (ContentID) feature to monetize third party content on YouTube. This bascially means, that YT is being scanned for your beats. If someone is using your music in his video (artists using your beats for songs, background music), this video will be monetized and you will receive the revenues.

  • Music Distribution Service
  • Use our Music Distribution Service on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and Amazon to sell your beats and generate additional revenues.

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